Sunday, 21 March 2010

Chat up

He sits at a table opposing her,

angled, on a late night train;

chatting about his music scene

and a dream of becoming a star.

She sits opposing, strokes her hair,

leaning, on the long diagonal,

for a new tune on his headphones

and a dream of becoming a star.

Higher, higher stars alight,

spun and pulled by unseen force;

circling nodes,

flinging their mass,

radiating heat,

fusing; before they explode.


  1. Hi John,
    What does the long diagonal refer to?
    Graham (Malik)

  2. Hi Malik - the boy and girl were sitting diagonally across a table. Not too close and she kept it like that - just kept leaning towards him.I guess the diagonal will shorten! I'll take a look at that obscurity & change it.

    BTW your Dad's poems went down a storm!! J