Monday, 12 April 2010


Me, I started to discern

how the world rotates around my brain.

I’m a snappy dresser, centre of gravity;

moi, it’s me, it’s me, me, me!

I know about sociology,

myself, I ‘get’ our planet’s ecology,

the politics of peacetime - a thought-leader

- a wizard quite as fine as Harry Potter.

I also notice, over a nice lunch,

how everyone I eyeball

sees themselves spinning at the fulcrum

of the universe: an amalgam

of magical good looks, theorems

and unaccountable delusion.


  1. Well, glad you get it. Sometimes I don't, but I'm in the centre of my own little world. (Ahem.) Some days are like this all day, when you would like all the little worlds to stop spinning, including my own, and be one big world, together. Peace.

  2. Yes, It is a Great Mystery How We All seem to be the Center of the Universe at Any Given Moment. Illusion & Delusion, when Focus is not from Within ~ Radiating Outwards as it should, but in Narcissistic recoil.