Thursday, 15 April 2010

Everything seems

Every step seems a part of a journey,

every twig on the ground from a tree,

every glittering pebble seems earth-born,

every droplet returns to the sea.

Every leaf seems inspired by sunshine,

all lightening leaps downward from friction,

a mountain stands hopeful away on a rim,

every star reaches backwards from time.

Heart seems a kettle, your pulse seems a hum,

fingers a chance for connection,

brain seems a small constellation,

ear-holes but beats on a drum,

your pelvis a key in rotation:

wake up there’s a bite on your bum.


  1. not sure what to do with this one. first three stanzas read seriously - then the poem seems to turn playful, random. i like it, but the last stanza seem to break the mold of the previous lines.

  2. The last stanza is good - puts things into perspective, life is a ridiculously fragile thing after all. The last line ties it all together - and yes, it's playful !