Sunday, 16 May 2010

How to preserve a poet

Let’s wrap TS Eliot in fog,

hear William Shakespeare speak out from the Globe,

focus on Wordsworth yomping the fells,

appreciate Dickinson’s bonnet.

Set Blake in a jungle, Rosetti a market,

put Yates in a tower, Frost in a field

Keats in a bedroom, give Byron a bottle,

and Rumi, yes Rumi, ah Rumi!

Rumi in the sky - with diamonds.


  1. I like it (I'm a sucker for literary accretions) -- Yeats (eye-rhyme with Keats ;)

  2. this made me smile, specially the ending

  3. To each (poet here) his own (backdrop). And Rumi gets the best stage. ;) Cheers.