Monday, 28 February 2011

Andrew's Advice

“When fingers tingle, there’s a chance

that two little legs get up and dance

a tango, quickstep, tap away

and wiggle to YMCA.

“‘Cos when I skip, expressing me,

a little spark enflames, gets free,

and dreamers reach an extra mile;

stand more vertical – and smile.

“Cynical’s an easy stance

(static) – no, come on - and dance.

“Two legs, one leg, arms out, balance

on your day – a happenstance.

“Wear a hat - or silly pants

- let it out - Exuberance!”


  1. Nice rather a decent poem! You can also find some poems in our group blogs The Terrorland (We call them PLOGS or Poetry Blobgs):

  2. Amazing innocence combined with lyrical magic!