Thursday, 3 March 2011


Multiple bodies sitting on a crowded train,

becoming aware, feel Andrew stand

and wobble for thirty minutes;

unwilling to give-up their little seats.

Outside, the sun is cool,

(you might expect cold in winter):

look down, stare ahead, or sleep;

‘we don’t need any connection, eyes hint at a danger’.

Angry, I stand by him

on a raging mind-trip - disconnection, society, media! -

while he rocks and smiles, decides to blow kisses

at reflections in windows, ghosts

and pale echoes of something and nothing.

Then he blows a few more - to the sky.


  1. People are weird. I often offer my seat on trains but they refuse it; perhaps they think I am pregnant??
    Your son sounds like a great gift.

  2. Oh, John, I see the meaning of the title in this. Isn't it awesome how those that everyone rejects tend to teach us the very most of what this life is really all about?? Thanks for sharing this one. I could see the picture in my heart, and it brought a tear to my eye. We all need to blow more kisses....thank Andrew and give him a hug for me. If we ever meet, it will be a great honor to give up my seat for one of the princes of the earth.