Monday, 14 March 2011

Andrew - making a day

Ask a stranger’s name

and call them by their moniker

again, again, again. Smile!

Pose some little question

about themselves, a happenstance;

their tiny likes and dislikes, fads,

(and food’s a classic - fries and puddings,

vegetables, drink?) Persist.

Question ‘are you married?’

with a little twinkle

then ask them, now, to help you

in some small way – like, get a drink.

Call them by their name, again.

Say ‘I love you.’ Smile.


  1. Simple and powerful. I love your style

  2. The power of asking a name and remembering it and using it with a smile...gentle writing...
    Reminded of the power of names in a different context. I read years ago that whenever Napoleon was inspecting troops he would stop at a soldier in the second row and ask his name. When he replied with his family name (French for Smith?), Napoleon would shake his head in mild annoyance. 'No, I knew's your first name I couldn't remember.'That's why he could march on Paris on his own, knowing that they would flock to him....

  3. there is something about hearing our name and having someone take an interest in us that makes all the difference in the world...