Saturday, 19 March 2011


In my head, again, - a picture of tomorrow;

subtle, endearing, scary

as if I’ll be attacked (the sky might just collapse);

- go tits up

in a workshop or the meeting, or a bus ride

or the traffic lights at red

engendering a little fear, a fluttering heart

and shortening of breath,

even though I’m sitting up in bed

the night before. My need’s not guts or bravery

but to stay aware, inspired as a baby,

walking steadfast and assured into a mess,

witnessing respect

and do my work - my best.

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  1. It appears we wrote from similar mind-sets this morning. Here is my poem in response to the disaster in Japan:

    Your site has been very helpful. I would really appreciate your feedback on some of my work. I have a WEbook project called "Sense and Nonsense Between the Lines," that is a collection of some of my more recent poetry. If you are at all inclined or have the time, I would be delighted to read your comments. And worry not! I have a very thick skin, and really covet substantive criticism. I want to grow!

    Thank you!
    My blog, called "Reflections From a Cloudy Mirror," features some of my poetry, but it is an eclectic mix of many styles and genre. You can find it at: