Friday, 3 June 2011


Today I heard that Andrew’s condition

is worse than we knew – another Syndrome

whacked his nervous system long

ago - and bashes lifespan even more -

- so, after the deepest heart-wrench and sobbing,

after the leaning on walls – head in hands;

when that roller coaster line on a page

(which psychiatrists draw) has been scribbled,

then what?

Well, the courage of Orpheus

living his fate-line

worked out by a master who chose (long ago)

to come-in as a teacher of heart in each moment;

rich as a rainbow melting like snow.


  1. Too poignant for my words. I'm pleased you found yours. Faith. Love and Hope. I'll take these once again from the powers that be. I hope you continue to find what strength you need. I know you have the Love.

  2. John and Andrew if God is listening then he will hear my prayers. God bless you both.
    Peace be with you.
    Regards j.

  3. you express your Love in an amazing way.

  4. John you are a double rainbow, double blessings to you both

  5. A perfect soul given by God..though physical handicaps. It is through this perhaps your greatest gift from God you have learned much compassion and greater love, sometimes only comes through suffering. Much peace to you and many blessings to you and you'r family. Christi