Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Still Rain

It’s raining in Scotland,

falling like tears

and the sky looks as gloomy

as a million years

and the Forth Bridge is standing

- a line in the grey -

with boats on the estuary

languid - today;

unraveling the traveling,

it’s seagulls that call

‘come on, you’re a moving

slow train - on a rail’

I’ve got furrows to plow -

purposeful - now.


  1. Great read John...i like the feeling of movement.

    Regards j.

  2. I love this - and can visualise it so well! Nothing but rain up there and nothing but sunshine down here - no compromise. Why do you spell travelling the American way?

  3. "furrows to plow" - I suppose you will notch up both types as go go on