Thursday, 26 April 2012

Down's Before Birth

Down’s before birth

If you could change this life
for a real one,
 - say -  with a fuller story
wherein you have a new handle
marauding through a spanking world
maybe in a place more lost
-       would you go?

And how would you feel about your new life?

Imagine you’re ready,
standing moments before birth
in pounding rain
shivering with all anticipation
and calmly
turning down your little dial of mind
to nothing – wanderer -
with such a lot to give:
perhaps it’s not so dark and cold
as you fight your way into a sweeter handicap;
as fool, magician, simple creature, king.


  1. Omgosh this is such a powerful piece! I've reread it several times and the momentum resonates...I am in awe ;)

  2. Gee Your Poetry here is just so moving I am in Love with your writing .. beez :))

  3. Stunning last line. Do you know Jon Stallwaorthy's poems 'A Familiar Tree' on the same subject?

  4. Sorry, Stallworthy. I don't know how that extra letter crept in.

  5. I really liked this poem. Like the first commentor said, it grows in power with each reading. Wonderfully done.