Monday, 23 April 2012

Are you going?

I put Andrew to bed
remembering without fail
to sing Scarborough Fair
eyeball to eyeball
head to head

and I know he’ll probe
– honest as a boy –
for one more burst
- a final verse -
of mutual joy.


  1. whenever I read your poetry I can feel every emotion, see each event....a blessing for my day....

  2. and so would I .. there is something about the melody tone movement like a carousal of Scarborough Fair isn't there ..:) that makes the perfect soothing song of a lullaby .. how very beautiful your sons mind is to feel this How beautiful a father you are to sing this for him .. Thank you so much for singing this with us your readers and very much a follower to your poetry .. always beez :))

  3. I absolutely love the painting created by your words. A dimly lit room, the brilliant color of a little boy's eyes so full of wonder & the comfort only a father's voice could bring. A room filled with unconditional love. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment in time with you & your son.