Thursday, 19 April 2012

Writer's Block

 A mystery – this blank page with blue pen –
and my duty to write a grand poem;
without engaging hope.

Instead, melting into zero,
atom by - fizzing - atom
equal and equally dissolved:

me, a pen, ink, page:
blank – nothing.


  1. Sums it up perfectly I think. A great poem indeed.

  2. I love that poem. That's is exactly how I feel when I can't put my words on paper, from one poet to another. I enjoy your blog. Tell Andrew to keep up the good work!

  3. Love the staccato brevity of this poem. It does have a close likeness to the writer's block I have experienced over the last year - very frustrating when I want to express what is in my head. At the moment occasional poems and regular tweeting is all!
    "atom by - fizzing - atom
    equal and equally dissolved" The repetition of "atom" and "eq-" really reflects the way the brain makes a "forward" effort but like a faulty multi-disc player, the mechanism gets stuck and returns to the same position. Thanks!