Wednesday, 16 April 2014

At Easter, well

I know it’s reckless
imagine you were God – not really God
but more a concept of a lamb and lion God
and sent a dove into a North-South earth-ice
and fished for men inside the East-West wind-fire.
How do you feel inside your spirit heart?
Would you turn out to become a little cross?


  1. A Great Expression of how I feel about Easter.It's a confusing time for a non-Christian.

  2. Beautiful and thought-provoking.

  3. Imagine the power of the love that created the gloriously beautiful universe, as well the intensity of love that has a good plan for and numbers every hair of every person's head even before they are born. Imagine the God who loves so much that he humbled himself to become one of his creatures - to see through their eyes and feel their pain. Then, he allowed those creatures to sacrifice him as payment for their willing disobedience, BUT the intense power of love raised him up from the dead as it will for all of those who accept his love sacrifice.