Monday, 26 May 2014


look across a forest glade at me.

Every green leaf in movement and a breeze touching.
From my side, I see multitudinous waving
and You.
                     You hear another voicebox
                     asking hard questions;
‘Would you like to join my dream?
Will you let me join your dream?
Why cross this glade?
How far can we reach?’

Look across a river at me.

Cold water spinning us far
if we jump together now.
                        But would you jump if I jumped
first and would I follow you?
“Would you join my flow?
Will I take your journey?
How far can we sail?
Can we swim upstream?’

Look across a caldera.

It’s hot in there and would kill us quickly
so let us walk anti clockwise.
                                    But if you circle, and so do I,
we will not meet, denying heat.
‘So shall I stop and wait?
Or will you wait for me?
How long will we linger?
Or turn and slide away?’

Look from a mountain top back towards me.
Shall we drop the nonsense, friend?
Together. Leap. And fly!

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