Saturday, 14 June 2014

Oh Emily,

because the train had stopped for God,
it also stopped my breath –
the carriage held the two of us
- my fractal soul – and Death.

We both stepped down – ‘Mind the Gap’ –
and neither He nor I
looked back to see what we had left
inside the carriage aisle.

We walked along the platform edge
but dragged no suitcase there,
ignoring all the yellow lines,
already paid – the fare.

Our ticket passed through turnstiles
- we felt the tangy air
and sailed away – in Charon’s boat -
- On time – At Last – Aware.

Slow – our ark sank in the sea -
explored a wreck of pain
- until I saw a bait - and line -
- hopped on another train.

1 comment:

  1. Brave to try the style of the great Emily. You succeed beautifully! And tell your own story, which goes a little further than hers.