Sunday, 31 May 2009


above the special card

  a hand but chubby and with butter-fingers loose

             the pen like a small bludgeon

 and lines

from unstable tip gross erratic drawled

and no Big Word

                            but truth

                       full of kisses funny

                           wobbles  “ Happy Day!! With lots of Andrew!”



  1. Your love is so rich in your words. You make your sons come alive when I read them. I've had friends with Down's Syndrome angels in their lives. So much love, love, love! So hard for their parents not to fear for their beautiful children.

    I was blessed and enriched with these words. Timothy

  2. Your Twitter postings are always a bright spot in my day. I feel blessed to be able to share in your gift. thank you for that!

    T Lewis
    (aka RCWCLady)

  3. Thank you for sharing all your stories of Andrew. I cannot imagine what this must be like. Though I am familiar with quite a few, all the stories I know are vicarious like yours. Hugs to you both. Some days am sure you both need one.

  4. How beautiful!!! God has blessed you with a special talent and a special child... I am so moved.... God bless you and your family... INDEED!

  5. I feel lied to. This is pretty but drawled in the way you're using it is the past participle of the verb "to drawl" as opposed to the noun "drawl" as an indicator of a style of speech.

    Still though, I am RTing this bad boy because it is pleasant.

  6. "a hand but chubby and with butter fingers loose"

  7. My children are all grown now. I have a lot of cards like this. Lovely :)