Thursday, 18 June 2009

The Bridge

Let’s step towards vibrating dawn

from gloom to light, quivering delight;

stroll on a path, turn time around

- any backward glances drain our future.


Feel for a fall in every movement:

ends and means don’t  mean an end:

lust to act and drop every moment

into sunshine - away with shadow.


There He stands across a bridge

- sets no traps - so trip the trap,

reach for fingers, feel no edges;

smiling eyes and laugh out loud.



  1. I love this ! Really beautiful and interesting!

  2. The world callous, reminds us of what strikingly may be drawn upon, that which here could be sought but is not, in deferred questions avoided; that leave unclear questions of preference, in the aesthetics and art of a poem, which otherwise beautiful, is arguably by heated contention, of confrontation it lacks.

  3. Trip the trap..(and banish the trolls) wonderful stuff...Regards j

  4. Stroll on a path, turn time around.

  5. Beautifully written, love it!