Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Toadfish Work

…the onward car and traveling train,

the earphones, ipods, bags and macs,

the shuddering seat and flying swans

and lady laughing at her screen

and so I stagger out of this box

and twitter with a taxi man:


about I face, twitter, taxi,

into a  carriage and backwards car

reversing homeward, crazy, speeding


macs and bags and ipods, earphones,

the train traveling and car onwards.


I slowly open my front door,

yak and yak and lie and snore

and then re-dawn, return, and then…



  1. A jolt of activity. A snort of fire. A brief coma and then... The elliptical spiral whirls on forever. Thank you

  2. Just lol how do you do this with words I don't know what a spin of a journeys tale you tell again brilliantly written so do enjoy as always your poetry thankq 4 sharing Beez of Aus:*)