Monday, 15 June 2009

Painting the Edge

of the sea,

a wet crescent of aqua blue,

fizzes up to a pencil line

dropped from a cobalt sky.


In the marine,

streaks of white bubble

like a lady’s hair, floating - but really

air pushed up by moon and water, rock.


Behind, see angled land, grass and stone

and sand and green

corrugated weed and looking down to

boots and hanging ochre hands.


Everything made of water - levelled of course -

a Famous Artist’s watercolour.


  1. Simply lovely, John, enjoyed reading.

  2. John you made me long for the ocean! lovely darlin!

  3. I see streaks of white bubbling female hair floating. Air pushed by moon, water, rock. A vision trip, nice

  4. Wonderfully written, really enjoyed this a lot, the view became quite clear! Very nice!

  5. I really like this a lot; so re-readable, thanks! Some lovely imagery. You're definitely an "honest" poet and I think I know what I mean by that.


  6. It's so lovely!
    I am a poet &
    artist too.