Monday, 29 June 2009


‘I’m a Believer’ is such fun as

a song for dodgem

rides. With you sitting close by

my side, I can feel the heat from your left thigh

and we will soon go around and crash clockwise

staying within the tunnel of song

like other bumpers.


Now we go!! ‘Love is out to get you’

Bombing into cars

and off again at odd speed,

clobbering a sparky energy exchange

in rubber case-boards and touching knees, ramming!

I do hope bouncing and your soft skin

always stay close by.


‘I’m in Love’ would be too committing

a phrase for bumping

cars although certain pop songs

and dodgem rides colour memory – sustain –

and a surge of buzzing electricity

is touching, strange, stop starting and yes

I see you smiling.



  1. Wow, cool :D. Really liked this^^

  2. Nice...they brought back those moments of years ago when we enjoyed those rides, and loved the bumping bouncing even as kid when it wasn't with a special someone.

  3. Very nicely done recollection of circumstances of Love.