Sunday, 28 June 2009

In Memory of Michael Jackson

The day of his death was warm, of course;

a day that stretched too long

and, when bad news rippled its curse,

it felled any chance of a song.


We love to peep into the lives of great

artists or, even worse,

ignore their performance until it’s too late

for a final note. Of course


the internet slowed on that day because

his talent had fuelled fame

and a martyr dropped in a moment’s rush

- a light put out of pain.


The earth’s core ached for weeks, days, hours:

he connected us all, of course.



  1. Lovely. I love MJ. Thank you for this.

  2. Really nice tribute. I did tend to ignore him, but what an amazing talented young man. Not sure if the words were true, but it made me so sad to think he begged and just wanted rest and to sleep is why he let the doctor give him so much medicine.

  3. A great tribute to one of the best artist ever! Thanks.