Saturday, 4 July 2009


Listening to carriage noises

on a travelling train, I’m wondering

whether to close eyes,

drop my head, sleep, but suddenly recall

the poetry reading tonight;

a school visit I almost forgot

and a message on my phone

reminds me again – 7 o’clock to pick up a


The train is murmuring, people talk

in one way conversations; mobiles.

And I recall a similar sound

in a queue to board a plane

when, impatiently, angrily,

volume slowly, slowly builds

until small children, hot and bored,

start to cry; then really Bawl

and Wail.

Andrew’s anger;

red-faced, glancing around,

shoulders tense. Beware.

He lets out a roar.

Then he lets out the roar – of a lion.


An aviation hanger drops quiet,

shopping stops,

people come out from stores

to gawp.

            Outside, travelling North,

the sky darkens

and carriage people ramble-on.

Nothing escalates: settled, whizzing, bored

but, back then, the boy responded

-always responds- to a crying child

because it signals a soul in pain.

A mystery trying to happen.

Poetry reading? Yes it was.


  1. Great poem,I enjoyed reading it :)

  2. Gorgeous poem. I really felt it. It took me to that place when you're sitting in a room or plane or whatever and that crash of people is all around.

  3. I'm a new follower, really enjoyed this poem, it spoke to me
    Emma at

  4. I felt like I was on that train.

  5. Wow I can just see the train all the drowsy people and the boy shouting

    aka myrtle

  6. I really felt the poem. Beautiful writing. Nice rhythm.

  7. Really like this one. Just seems to bounce along.:)