Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Coming off a fell

at the end of an autumn walk

when kids aged 10 or under

sense there’s no more talk;

go horizontal,

roll downhill in spinning wonder.


Shout and giggle, twist

in mud and thistles, sheep shit.

Why stay with feet on the ground?

This earth is too much fixed;

so whirl the grass, kiss

the sky Old Codger stomping, stomping, stomping down.


  1. Beautiful, words that paint a picture.

  2. HI, u are very good playing with words,Pam.

  3. Thanks Toltec:

    A present back:


    Today woke up like birthday cake in bed,
    like Catherine Wheels fizzing round the space in my head;
    today skipped about like dolphins in the sun,
    like kangaroos on trampolines fizzing full of fun;
    today waved its arms with a laugh and a shout,
    so I stopped it and asked: “What’s all this gladness about?”

    And it gave me a hug and sang, “Follow me…
    today’s the day,
    there’s only today,
    there’s never been a day like me!”

    dzai (

  4. I am a very new writer working on my first book. And long-story short, I just got done writing for the night and your T.S. Eliot quote fit my story perfectly. The setting of my story is in heaven, and I was describing a process in the story very much resembling your quote. I have been looking and searching for a lot of quotes and musings on heaven, and that makes it weird that a T.S. Eliot quote would capture my sense of it, much like your poem did as well. Thanks.

  5. Love poetry. This is very nice. :)

  6. Like it. Makes me feel playful.:)