Monday, 8 June 2009


I want you to imagine a creature
after midnight walking from a winter sea,
lumbering forward, every feature
intent on reaching out for you and me.

He stands, a shadow, looking at his feet
stamping in a dawn on this cold
shore an alien, stubborn and eager to play.

Beware. He needs our heat
so shall we spark a match and aim for gold?
But he could test our metal - make your day.


  1. Alchemy, I like it, it's alluring, even a touch tempting. I am curious if you are referring to attraction between two people?

  2. I think of this lumbering creature in a Jungian way, as representative of a part of ourselves, a Self we have neglected & must reclaim & reincorporate into ourselves. He only wants to play. Let's bring him home...that's my take on it anyway. His coming from the sea suggests our primordial origins, the sea suggest a womb of being. & his emergence suggests that he is becoming, evolving. Let's give him a towel to dry off & prepare a hot meal for our forgotten friend

    1. lets do that.... when he's at home will he stay dissociated? we also have to talk and nurse him or he will leave again on a bick like ET...

  3. Jim - love your analysis - you captured a feeling completely!! J

  4. Imagine I did.... I like the idea of a force (the creature) intent on using my heat - (my spirit) to transform me into gold..

  5. Like a Lovecraftian Golem, this rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches toward my bed to transform...

  6. Take a chance, embrace a new adventure or lose the opportunity and remain safe...
    I lie it