Thursday, 9 July 2009

Old Masters in Florence

Forget colouring in

and anything to do with art – unless it’s felt music.

Museums? They’re good for shouts, shocks:

people look and Ssshh.

Old Masters? Stuff!

Forget it.


Not stuff.


  1. WOW, a real blog?
    How refreshing.
    Blogger has gotten so filthy with spamblogs...what a shame.
    I noticed your follow on twitter. Thanks.

    Although I am NOT a writer (IANAW, I like poetry. That started when I saw Jack Kerouack (sp?) reading on TV back in the 60's.

    Would I be able to share some of your stuff on my blog if I choose?

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback - I really appreciate it! Please do share my poems as widely as possible and let me know your blog address so I can take a look! J

  3. I would also like permission; my blogs are:

  4. Dear David,

    Your blogs are marvelous and so,so positive! Please do share my poems and Twitter quotes as far and wide as possible.

    Tx for ur support


  5. Nice! Simple, short, but draws a very clear image. Museum--shouts! Love that!

  6. The smile, the feeling is the essence, the seed without which there would be no great art. I don't like the way art is held up & paraded before herds who behave disgustingly respectful in the presence this numinous sacred thing But Hey, dude, great art is fucking great! Almost as much the energetic smile that brought it into being
    p.s. I would like your permission to demand that you do as you want

  7. jim - u have my permission - although it's a challenging request!!! :-0

  8. Excellent! =) Those shouts can echo in a museum. I like this!

  9. I am so glad I found your blog! Nice work! Have a fantastic day!
    Take care,