Monday, 6 July 2009

Vital Statistics

Here’s a thing.

My son’s vital statistics are;

chest and waist 100 centimeters, hips the same.

He’s like a column,  tube or cylinder.


And there are more statistics vital ;

-       he dances 10 times more often than me

-       he smiles 3 times more often

-       he hugs 2 times more

-       he sings – ditto –


Dance and smile, hug and sing:

like when honey oozes onto your tongue,

claggy with succulence melting your bones;

everything’s vital, hang the statistics.

Now there’s a thing.



  1. Your statistics drew a picture that might be close, and might be off, but left a vivid impression nonetheless.

    I'm glad he has cause to dance, sing and hug.

  2. You help to show me how the power of words can alter one's peception. It seems as though you can change your experience of anything thru words &, in doing so, somehow change the thing itself. Your son is on the verge of taking wing, at least in my mind. Keep Going. Thanks

  3. Enjoyed quite well. Thank you!

  4. "everything's vital, hang the statistics." ...I like that. :-)