Saturday, 11 July 2009


I walk towards a school-house

through sizzling evening rain;

I’m heading for a disco

ominous in my brain

but I know my son will be dancing

out and into my brain


but only spotlights boogie,

colour surging round

on empty wooden floorboards

spurred by beatbox sound

hammering walls and my brainbox

in pulsing waves of sound


and out from the dark he races,

bounces into the beat,

spins like a whirling dervish

twisting up the heat

Elvis on the dance floor;

a host, a hit, in heat.


What is it with this dancing?

What do I need to learn?

A welling in my heart-source;

a love, a pride, a burn?

Expression of the vital

teaching turn on turn.


  1. I liked that - its got a power and a depth and makes me want to sing it.

  2. Isn't it great to feel the music of a poem! Thank You - J

  3. A whirling dervish, maybe he's in touch with deep elemental forces that your evolved thinking has obscured from you to some extent. I absolutely love how you draw out so much depth from these interactions. I feel blessed after reading your poems...It's infectious. Thank You

  4. Cool poem! I like what you have written at the top of your web page too. :)

  5. Disco's are fun and I'm sure your son enjoys them.Sounds like you do too.

  6. It's all in the beat. Nice poem John though I can't say I'm a disco fan.

  7. Beautiful, I love your poems!

  8. Like the rhythm and the depth of the poem.