Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Tate Modern - this and that

Barbara Hepworth, sculptor:

intense burster of space

in bole movement, inert

twisting outwards, caving backwards

earth material in an age of

in-ness, this-ness,

donuts, tombstones, flowers, questing

inside – outside –  outside – inside.


Andrew can’t see a point;

it’s better to sit on the floor,

let people walk round and


signals from a work of art

smiling out his inner man.


  1. Nice pace, flows well!
    (I liked donuts, tombstones, flowers...)

  2. To appreciate what is, disregard what isn't and absorb that of any importance must be at times a wonderful gift in itself... your poetry promotes this idealistic way of life to me. Sometimes people hold the key to something so much deeper and more special than many of us otherwise would carry. To be able to dig within and really have the heart on the sleeve is an art from inside in itself and a beauty of a masterpiece that we may only stumble across once in a lifetime...

  3. An interesting ekphrastic poem, Andrew's wordless comment, and the poet's comments with words. Superb!