Saturday, 5 September 2009


little plums, by reaching up for


that hang like on a Christmas tree

under Autumn sun.

Feel for solid fruit,

pull down by closing finger grabs

in tiny time

yes, gorgeous for a while

but me (and mind) are off into ‘tomorrow’

hypnotized by stuff to do,

hell-bent to plan an avalanche

and soon my Tesco plastic bag is full

with blue and burning stars, heavy and

brimmed with purple energy. Little plums.


  1. Very good imagery, revealing meaning buried in layered depths.

  2. Yes & I see those branches shaking & swaying & the dark brown birds diving in for they fair share. We had a plumb tree & an apricot tree when I was a child. We'd hit the trunks w/bats because that was suppose to stimulate the sap or something and produce ever greater avalanches. Wheew, you took me there again. I hope our bludgeoned limbs bring forth more abundance as well. Nah, I don't hope. I refuse to believe otherwise. That avalanche is going to be a beautiful monster

  3. Nice.. an offer perhaps to William Carlos Williams?

  4. Where I live, plums ripen in June, but no matter--such lovely use of language. Thanks! :)TX

  5. This one works well, Loved it.