Friday, 22 May 2009

Beer of Distortion

The first drink is the best drink.

Smiling eyeballs meet and friendly hands

are warming up a foam potential.


The second drink is the second best drink.

Blue upholstery, tables gored by time:

talk is mostly travel and the weather.


The third drink is the third best drink.

Gulping down a fishy mouth,

twaddle on about the cricket.


The fourth drink is the one we cadge for.

Peripheral, a dizzy cocktail

spangles politics with passion.


The fifth drink slows indulgence.

Deluded space is filled with aliens squawking;

we do our best to bawl them down.


The sixth drink is the one we came for.

Dropping in the glass; thudding on the table,

toilet, stagger, dance and face the music.



  1. I love the turns in the sequence, especially the comparison of first best and sixth came for; I love "spangle" with politics (which has a fun ring to my American ear)...

  2. Perfectly accurate-beautifully done

  3. And we dance to the pipers tune as we sway away home. Lovely piece.

  4. Love it! My favorite is the fifth...of whiskey!;)

  5. Nicely done! Progression of a drunken eve :) Good job!

  6. Only 6 drinks send you to the toilet? ;)

    I like the wry honesty of "the sixth drink is the one we came for."

  7. Perfectly accurate explanation of an evening with the boys. (Wonder who is driving home?)

  8. Loved! Your words are good! Grazie for sharing! Bells xx

  9. love this. lilting and lethal. thank you.

  10. That sixth drink is such a trouble maker. I only came for the second drink. I stayed for the sixth drink, but it was only because it took so long to get the third drink, and then there was that guy who bought the fourth round. By then there didn't seem any harm in a fifth, and then they started playing that Journey song.

  11. Outstanding, excellent poetic countdown!