Monday, 18 May 2009


With unequivocal geometry, the sun

rises golden, tempts today on earth’s rim

and, by chance, we also see a silver moon

withstand an early wash of light.


Poets, of course, know it could be two faces

or an asymmetrical dumb-bell, levers

on a pivotal now

or Cyclops’ eyeing out from rounded caves.


We walk along after February snow,

kick drifts forwards and backwards, roll flakes into

unique snowballs

and chuck them at each other with intent


when, in mid air, two snowballs stop, hover;

pupils dilate and finally – finally - we know nothing.


  1. I can understand your need for poetry. I write too. My regards to Andrew, Angus, Adam n Jan. Would like to keep in touch. i'v bookmarked your site
    Best Wishes. See you on Twitter

  2. I've been following you on twitter and I've enjoyed all your poetry that I have read so far.

  3. Another beautiful one, especially that first part... and the rest, too. A nice morning poem -- good timing.

  4. All of your poems are outstanding, and this is one of my favorites. I enjoy reading you daily.

  5. Enjoyed this one very much, love the "poet's eye view".

  6. I just love this one. Just love it. The detail and the mystery imbued in the detail just so.