Sunday, 6 September 2009

...but blackberries

glint, hanging after rain;

something, nothing, fruit ahead of winter.

Blackberries shine ; look in wonderment

at a little business maybe concerning, or

not concerning, passers by

in conflict ‘do I - don’t I - want to

pick and eat a multi faceted fruit,

this burst of life as life potential?’

Blackberries will fall; not as victims,

not blessedly,

heroically, or even humanly

but now they shine in Autumn as their time and

blackberries turn a little in the wind,

impregnating optic nerves by dancing – no –

such a thought is crazy, silly,

weird, a human fantasy

but blackberries…


  1. This is the first one I've read - I like! Reminds me of haiku.

  2. Lovely. I was there with you every moment.

  3. Sweet temptation. I really like the "yes, no, maybe" of this.

  4. I am a vision teacher. Your sound like you are on an amuzement park ride, with the optic nerves dancing. We do not have blackberries in our backyard. Sound's a little like a story of a fig tree.

  5. Wonderful...I was in total amusement as I read this...outstanding...each stanza questioned my writing skills...nicely done...and I like how it end, "...but blackberries"


  6. "they shine in Autumn as their time" fave line. You can almost guess that they will taste of warm days, cold nights, endings and beginnings.

  7. Oh how it captures long lost youthful memories, conceived in wonderment during my lovelorn time spent in communion with my fair and ever changing gracious lady nature, many, many years ago. Thank you.